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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Just Like That !!

The last time I posted something on my blog was about the basic question What is PR? It was real fun making that video. That was in the beginning of the summer, it was a nice experience. Thinking about it makes me feel so nostalgic. The Stirling days was awesome.

Some of you, must be wondering what happened to my blog posts? Why I stopped? Well, there could be many excuses, but I just thought 'let me take a little break and come back to the blog just after getting a job'. It seems a weird excuse but I had nothing to talk about!

In the coming days, I might discuss the real PR world and how studies really helped me to get on to it. And also Why it is so difficult to make people understand about the PR profession you are into? Now, this is very common question we come across but here in India, it's little difficult!! I will share some of my experiences after my University was over, and my home coming? I would also like to share some personal experiences about my days in Glasgow and the days I spent in London.

See, I have so many things to talk about.. So stay tuned !!

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