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Friday, 8 May 2009

Mobile Communications in Public Relations

Have you ever thought the spinning role of mobile phones in public relations? It is now known as the 7th mass media in the world of communications. Because of its multi –dimensional qualities it is tremendously making wonders for the society at large. If Internet is more interactive then mobile communication is direct. It is an excellent tool to make a successful PR campaign.

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As of now, mobile communications has as a long way to go, when implemented it can give amazing results. Though, I think following things could be considered while making a PR Campaign:

-Make a .mobi site and upload all the press releases and clients details, so that when you are out of office, just SMS the journalist and your work is done.

-Create mobile blogs and update all the upcoming events and happenings

-You can even put the mobile blog on the .Mobi site

-Communicate through SMS; you can make media invites (for the Press conference) and some important facts and figures for finance journalists.

-You can do surveys through mobile texts, mobile blogs and websites also

- Content feeds do amazing stuff, which gets linked with personalised emails (on this one needs to talk to the .mobi sites company)

- Now social networking sites like twitter have mobile updates, you can connect through twitter to the rest of the world.

-In those 45 characters, you can send links of your blogs, websites and information about your company and clients

- Mobile conference calls are also very useful way to make campaigns, discuss the strategies and ideas with your client.

The world is moving faster, hence the PR practitioners especially in a communication world need to enhance their ability to work in such environment. The technologies are only made for making our life more simple and mobile communication is our future.

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  1. Your argument on the spinning role of mobile phones equates public relations and what you call a successful campaign, to a triviality. I think PR is a serious profession and has credibility beyond the art of spin and the spell of spindoctors. Gone are the days PR practitioners would ''cook up'' or ''twist a story'' and get away with it. The general public has become too media savvy and too informed for that kind of stunt. Our audiences have become too sophisticated to be manipulated and technology is partly to blame for this. The newest kid on the block is twitter, which as you mention, connects you to the world. But this world is not the world we knew a few years back. It's a techno-savvy world that's taking the PR professionals by storm.