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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Why online PR training or study is important for PR guys?

We all know and cannot ignore the fact that social media or PR 2.0 is becoming ‘the X factor’ in the Industry. The fast growing Internet usage has an immediate effect on the way we are communicating today! There are speculations about the slump in the mainstream media, as more and more people are getting used to the new media.

It is a breakthrough in the way traditional PR is working today, the various online tactics used for a PR campaign is doing wonders for many companies and also for many people. It is quite relevant to understand how the key publics are using these medium?

The key words like blogs, social networks, search engines, social video sites, all are very powerful medium of communication. It’s making a record in itself. So, the future starts from here and it does not look back!

As a PR practitioner, online PR is the next big thing so both training and study becomes all the more important to understand the diversified industry. The different parameters have to be applied while practising PR.

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  1. Hi Neena

    I think online PR is already here and here to stay. Today many companies use blogs, both openly and surrreptitiously, to promote their products. Many use social media releases rather then old-style press releases incorporating videos, audio files, RSS feeds, social networking sites, feeds to Twitter sites, bookmarks and aggregators such as Digg. With so many people now online and using web 2.0 tools,this has become the new mass media.