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Friday, 1 May 2009

Work @ Office or Home!

I was reading a post by Stephen, managing director of 3W PR (a UK based online PR consultancy). He has a polling box in his blog which asks PR guys preference of working at home, office or a combination of both. It was quite interesting to know from his polling box that most of the PR guys were quite okay with working at office but an occasional chance of working at home was also welcomed.
It’s always good to work at office, as the routine deadlines and the professional environment give you that jolt to work. While sometimes you may find it boring and work from home. It’s all because of the Internet system, social networks and sites like Skype is another place where u can have your video calls, and one can do live conferencing with journalists, which I think is another wonderful way to get connected with people who are really important for you.

At the same time there are also disadvantages to this, as a PR practitioner, your boss would want reports and mails to be done online and you end up putting more hours than your office hours! Though technologies have both the effects to it, but one needs to create its own space to tackle things at Office or at Home!

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  1. Flexi working is something, which has been not aptly used in today's economic scenario of downturn...companies have taken it more as a means to reduce cost [less hour of work, less pay;)] but, virtually forgot how it would impact the image of the company, which was nurtured over the years. Working @home should rather be seen as a means to motivate employees and save some cost on infra.
    Having said that an eye on performance cannot be overlooked...