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Friday, 10 April 2009

Does Facebook have any role in Public Relations?

As Facebook celebrates its 200 million users milestone, there’s been lots of talky- talks upon the role of such social networking sites in Public Relations. I am not very active on Facebook but it’s a good way to connect with friends, communities, groups and also make new friends both professionally and personally. It helps in getting useful insights from different audience of the people who matters to you and your company.
If we see the new released heat map of Facebook, the site is more international and its very popular in most of the western countries than in Asian countries. In India for example, Orkut is more popular than Facebook, though it is catching up!

In a profession like Public Relations, networking is very important. The idea of Facebook is good if we use seriously in the professional aspect of it, otherwise we are left with the question ‘does facebook really helps in public relations?’

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  1. Yes it does. Facebook, just like any other media, offers another way to communicate. PR professionals should use any way they can to get their message across and Facebook seems an ideal way to target an audience of young people. With millions of people spending more and more time on Facebook, it is essential that PRs consider using it. However, it is just one way to address this particular audience not the only way.

  2. Sahi hai....rightly said!!!