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Friday, 17 April 2009


Mobile communications is the fastest growing technology in the world. Its a tinny mini computer for us! But now mobiles are not just for listening each others voice, it has gone beyond that!
It’s now more advanced and is used in many ways, i.e, emails, mobile games, photos, videos, instant messaging, music, MMS, WAP (wireless application protocol), and many things which you would have never imagined!
.Mobi often used for mobile websites. Mobile website is a kind of World Wide Web that is specially designed for mobile devices, e.g, mobile phones, PDAs and other such gadgets. In such a website one does not need a landline phone connection or a computer.

(Photo sourced from mazandkilgore)

Though most of the companies do not have a mobile website, but there are lot of companies who are working on this technology. Moreover, everybody doesn't use high tech mobile phones, so its has a long way to go!
According to a study by Mobile Ready Report the 10 mobile ready sites are,,,,,,, and USA Only three of the top 10 most popular Web sites – Yahoo, Google and Face book – scored greater than a three out of five on the report.

BBC in 2006 recorded, 61% of mobile BBC international WAP users came from Nigeria and a 19% from South Africa. WAP is a technology that gives people to access internet with basic information about current news updates, weather forecasts, flight information, stock quotes...etc.

BBC very recently relaunched its mobile homepage that will work in iphones,nokia's high end mobiles,Sony Ericsson and Samsung.

All these technologies have lots of opportunities for Public Relations industry. Now, PR people can use it for direct interaction with their target audience,e.g, one can launch a mobile blog and make it chatty so that people are aware of the product and the services, in a very informal way. They can even upload links for their press releases and also do surveys via mobile.
Instant and direct, that’s the future for PR!!



  1. mobile communication - can be, rather is already the fastest emerging field. new technologies, VAS make it even more exciting and user friendly.

    Coming to the PR - as a professional i am all the more happy to get excess to all the new fast, complex yet user friendly technology to "bug" my fellow journos with my press releases. I wonder from my journalistic perspective....their mobile wud constantly beep now either due to calls, messages, mails and soon with news updates!!!! gd luk friens :)

  2. it is a good communication tool for us
    hi,i am bessie
    i will follow your blog weekly.
    please post your article as often as possible, i like it

  3. Mobile is a mini computer , we have everything available with a press of a button be it anything right from downloads to emails to download now with the GPS system in place which was introduced by Google in USA. It is like u don't need a computer or a laptop everything is available here itself and yes being a PR Student it quicker the information for us the better

  4. @Shalini..very true..from SMS to broadcasting everything is now possible through mobile..the world is shrinking..into a small device!! There is more to come..with more advanced mobile phone technologies..which is untill now...a limited resource for a large chunk of people worldwide..but..the days will soon come...!!

  5. @ Rakesh...I know...its very compatablle to work through mobile u remember..whn we were off for the day and suddenly ..a journo will call on our way..and thn we had to rush back or call somebody in the office to send the press release or some other details...its was so.. difficult for us..this technology is...very much there in India..but not yet ..gone up...!!

  6. @xiyu...thanks for reading my blog..I am happy to know that u are so keen in reading these articles....I will keep blogging..and u keep watching!!

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  8. The mobile has become the new PDA. Workable internet access on the latest models such as iPhone and Blackberry have made them easy and simple to use anywhere. Broadband has now moved from the laptop to the handheld. I can't wait for what happens next... I can't even imagine what it will be.