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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Let’s twitter about ‘Twitter’...

140 characters of twitter was enough to make news in the web world. The so called micro blogging service, in yet another attempt made loads of news in the past two days during the G20 meeting. BBC News, Telegraph and many other media talked about the protestors’ usage of twitter as one of the effective ways of promoting their campaigns.

Interestingly,the instant messaging service posted on twitter, made the inside news so live and fresh that people easily got connected with the protestors protesting there! The instant and constant update on twitter in every short while looks as if somebody was doing live reportage! Are we witnessing the new form of communication wave that is shrinking the world?

Started in 2006, with 6 million users, it has become very popular all across the world. As far as ranking is considered it has become the third largest social networking site!

In the past, twitter has always been scrutinized for its ridiculous usage of its blogging service, whereas there are people who think its an opportunity to connect with professional and personal individuals.

The world of tech has always got two split ends, one end is 'responsible' and the other end is 'bizarre' in its approach. It’s up to what extent people use good or bad ways!


  1. Hi Neena,
    Surely the question for us is: can Twitter really that useful as a PR tool or do we just need to monitor what is going to make sure clients' reputations are not being damaged on Twitter. Until it becomes a mass communication tool, like Facebook, it is just like any niche media product, such as a specialist printed magazine. Of course, no one knows what new technology is around the corner and no doubt by the time I have worked out a good use for Twitter we will have flown on to some other technology.
    Tweet, tweet,

  2. hmmm.. agreed Kevin but still information is power and real time info adds to it further. so its deadly even! so handle with care :)