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Friday, 10 April 2009

Viral Videos...the new ways of Public Expression!!

'Our Social tools remove older obstacles to public expression, and thus remove the bottlenecks that characterized mass media. The result is the mass amateurization of efforts previously reserved for media professionals' – Clay Shirky

The buzz stops here...You must be wondering, what am I talking about?’s all about hundreds and thousands of viral videos which we come across everyday created by known and unknown people. Watch out the video :

Viral Video is a video clip that gains enormous popularity through Internet sharing, emailing and uploading videos on social networking sites, blogs and websites. These videos are one of the best cost effective ways to reach out to the right audience. It’s funny, humorous, sombre, interesting and sometimes it’s also abusive!! But it has become one of the easiest ways to say things which wasn’t possible few years back!

YOUTUBE is one of the popular platform and you can find loads of viral videos! The Marketing and PR guys they do not let this tool go off, they use it extensively to reach their target audiences!

It’s also a way to enhance your brand, company, organization, clients, new campaigns and many things which you would like to communicate. It has become a rapid viral kind of thing that just goes on and on...

Some of the interesting Viral Videos to visit:


  1. Hmmmm

    •Good one!
    •Virals are fast catching in India would be an outdated statement ! yes we are all ready very much into it.
    •Needless to say virals are cost effective and cost productive both!
    * happy viral-ing. the name is apt. it spreads like anything.

  2. Thanks people...for ur lovely comments...keep sending me ur views and opinions..!!