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Friday, 3 April 2009

Get a Life....not a second life!!

“Second Life! What’s that?” I asked my professor when he mentioned about ‘Second life’, a virtual world with highly imaginative and creative 3D characters. I was amazed by the fact that people can make different avatars of themselves and do whatever they want to do! Something interesting to watch here:

Sourced from Youtube

It’s like a gaming station, if you want to go to Shopper’s Stop or to one of the expensive mall in your city, you can buy things virtually and stay happy with that!! It’s really absurd and just an escape from the real world.

Some people say that, it could be used fantastically to serve the training and learning purposes, but according to a research conducted for The Daily Telegraph shows just 580,000 people logged on was ...just for gaming! (sourced from

According to some media and tech experts second life is going through a downfall and it will be terminated soon! The corporate world involved in making businesses out of it has recently been thinking of not to participate in the virtual sites like ‘Second Life’. Thanks to the recession!! Why on earth, you need to go to such a world and spend your money on absolutely nothing? Just to please your senses!! Get a Life....

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  1. didn't i hear Mungeri Lal ke hasin sapne?

    make believe world is a make believe world. now matter what u do, feel, enjoy when u return, its the same bloody bad world!!!

    its like waking up from a pleasant dream to a dark reality. if you wish to such... happy dreaming!

  2. It is just escapism. If people need the feeling to escape from the real world and enjoy a game then that's surely OK. However, it does seem a huge waste of corporate resouces to be spending business time in the second life. I can't see that sort of luxury lasting through the credit crunch.
    For me, getting by in my first life is challenge enough without adding another dimension.
    All I dream of is an easier time in this life.