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Friday, 17 April 2009

Spinning WiKi!

You must have heard about ‘Spin PR’! I think it’s a negative connotation of public relations. It’s a hot topic in the PR circle though it is getting space in the media. In public relations, spin means elucidating a campaign, event or an activity and then persuading the key publics for or against an individual or organization.

Photo sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Millions of people go to WiKi as they consider it has one of the most trusted sources of information. The websites accuracy is regularly edited and updated by its readers! But some of the PR guys they delete information that lead the reader to know some of the facts and details which are against the organizations or individuals reputation.

This is how companies are trying to spin WiKi’s content, which goes against Wiki’s neutral factor.

According to an article by Peter Dizikes, PepsiCo employees deleted references to potential health problems caused by their company's famous soft drinks. Other corporations have hired public relations firms to manage their Wikipedia reputations or even create events, ideas and campaigns out of the online equivalent of whole cloth.

These kinds of things question the Wiki’s authenticity? And contrary to this PR’s unseen power is not giving good vibes at all!

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  1. I doubt if you would get a comment on this post from a PR personal other than this! Hope you do. :)

    the question is well raised but then its all about ethics... on the face of it we need to talk about authenticity of the information. right but to digit deeper - what about professionalism, PR ethics, we need to sit and ponder.

    coming back to Wiki - the content was always from its inception questionable given the point the readers can change the info. This is the irony. the right to edit was provided to get an evolved perspective on the information to the user /reader but we tend as humans to use good things for bad works!!!

    Wiki could be a good tool to mold perspectives about a company / clients. BUT i feel regularization required.